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Since 2014, we have been moving towards the goal of building a self-sufficient natural habitat with the basic and ethical values of permaculture by creating a food forest on the basis of plant diversity and brotherhood, taking into account the needs of ourselves, our animals and plants, with great enthusiasm, effort and patience.

We have taken great steps with our volunteer colleagues, whose contributions and support we have received since we set out, and we have become a very large family.

In this process, we saw that healthy nutrition, which is the goal of almost all of us, on the other hand, creating a peaceful, stress-free, clean natural environment is not difficult or utopian at all.

Medicinal & aromatic plants
Natural food

What is Agrohomeopathy?

Growing herbs will be more enjoyable if you are treating your herbs with homeopathy. Moreover, in addition to getting rid of product and plant loss, you will make a great contribution to healthy nutrition by protecting nature and yourself.

Our Plants

In addition to the natural flora of our region, it can revive the Gülderman Farm family, which consists of landscape plants that beautify the living space with plant cultivation and for ourselves, our animals, plants, bees. Detailed information about the use of our plants and how they can be, sorted by the meanings that can be used from these animals.

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