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Growing herbs will be more enjoyable if you are treating your herbs with homeopathy. Moreover, in addition to getting rid of product and plant loss, you will make a great contribution to healthy nutrition by protecting nature and yourself.

Agrohomeopathy is the treatment of plant diseases and damage, and the fight against plant pests, using homeopathic medicine in accordance with the principles of homeopathy. It is a non-toxic solution for houseplants as well as for applications in gardens, greenhouses and large areas; It can be used safely in a way that it will not harm living organisms, soil, water and environment, nor plants.

It is a safe and chemical-free, permanent and effective treatment method that should be known and applied by those who want to do natural, ecological agriculture, organic and biodynamic agriculture, especially those who grow medicinal and aromatic plants.

Agrohomeopathy has great potential in conventional agriculture as a solution that is used extensively in today’s agricultural practices and is suitable and sufficient to replace pesticides.

If the reasons for preferring homeopathy in plants and their advantages are listed;

  • It is a non-toxic natural solution,
  • it does not kill any living thing,
  • it does not harm any living thing with soil and microorganisms.
  • It does not create pollution in the environment, water resources and product.
  • There is no need to take protective measures as it will not cause any toxic effects to the user and the environment.
  • It has no side effects.
  • As with pesticides, it is not possible to become ineffective by gaining immunity.
  • Provides permanent or long-term solutions depending on the conditions,
  • It is used in the treatment of disease caused by pathogens such as fungi, bacteria and viruses,
  • It removes plant pests from the environment.
  • It is used to repair the damage to the plant due to climatic and environmental reasons (cold and frost damage, sunburn and heat damage, flooding-over-irrigation, acid rain, pesticide damage, stress etc.)
  • It promotes root development of seedlings, saplings and plants.
  • It reduces product loss.
  • Easy to apply.

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