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“Agrohomeopathy” is the application of the homeopathy treatment method, which has been a source of healing for people for more than two centuries, on plants. This method of treatment is also very successful in the healing of plants.

In this book, which is the first source in our country, in which I explain Agrohomeopathy, a very important and natural method in the fight against diseases and plant pests encountered while growing plants, I try to give as much information as I can by making use of my own knowledge and experience, as well as various sources, and you can also use these practices on your plants. I aimed to help you reach the level where you can do it effectively.

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The first chapter of the book, titled HOMEOPATHY BASIC INFORMATION for the nature and plant-friendly gardener, contains the philosophy and basic information of homeopathy, which tries to solve problems by approaching all living things holistically. This information also forms the basis of agrohomeopathy and will be useful for you to understand the method.

In an environment where healthy soil and natural balance exist, plants are also healthy, strong and productive, and they are little affected by diseases and pests. Therefore, in the second part, I have priority suggestions to help you keep your plants away from damage under the heading what can be done to have healthy plants and keep pests away?

In the third part; I am talking about technical information for the gardener under the title of plant disease and defense systems. In this section where climate, environmental and cultivation damages, plant diseases, and plant pests are explained, I gave information about preventive measures as well as how common diseases occur and the life cycles of some important pests. In addition, I have presented a lot of images showing the damage caused by plant diseases and pests so that you can more clearly determine the current situation in your plants. At the end of the chapter there is information about friendly insects that feed on pests to maintain the natural balance and the defense systems of plants to prevent diseases caused pathogens and repels pests

In the fourth chapter with the title of AGROHOMEOPATHY BASIC INFORMATION AND APPLICATIONS, I explained the diagnosis of the disease, the choice of remedy and how would do the treatment. In addition, at the end of the chapter, there are examples of homeopathic herbal treatments.

In the last two chapters, I have presented my Materia Medica and Repertory, which you will use as a resource for the selection of remedies according to symptoms and causes for disease treatment and pest control.